About Lilian Togelius
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The artistic story of Lilian Togelius, permeated with segments of emotional experiences, pictures the artist who, aside from the fine art, is also professionally engaged in psychology. Working with a risk group of people as a psychologist she inspects the structure of human psyche, and then, through her artworks she visually tells of the delicate situations experienced in the process of the psychological analysis.

The painting of Lilian Togelius as an expression of her personal experience is timeless and it can not be reduced to any particular artistic style and stream. The basic structure of this painting consists of symbolic visual contents, proceeding from the real life. Unconscious and conscious layers of human psyche are accumulated here, often forming a unique entity. Pictures from the real life and the mystic world of the dreams confusingly and unexpectedly interlace. The numerous archetypes, symbolic pictures and persons point to the fact that the artist often deliberately peeks into the world outside of the common knowledge.

The artistic language is modern, but it still retains all the premises of a pure visuallity. The painting is set almost classically, but the personal feeling and the modern aspect of this painting present it with identity and particularity. The artist employs strong colors and wide and free strokes. She plays with warm and cold hues, thus emphasizing the basic motif of the panting, while the chief motif is human, a clear or partly defined human figure with the face of an animal. Most often it is a woman shown as a wolf, bird or fox. Refraining from deep analysis of the human anatomy and with the few elements she uses, the artist announces that nude is her best side.

However, the chief point of this painting is the mysticalness, shown through the human enigma, through its archetypal identification. Thus the artist proves that everything that exists is in a joint relation, everything is connected, through each of us the same cosmic energy flows. Nevertheless, to the same, or even to a higher degree, the artist uses her painting to celebrates the color. If we disregards the latest motif, her painting would be absolutely dedicated to the color.

The artworks of Lilian Togelius absolutely reflect her character, they are her identity card, the best possible unity of the artist and her work. And finally, the best of all is this process where through an unpredictable game of archetypes and symbols a specific atmosphere in the painting is being achieved, which is intriguing and enigmatic in a special way. The experiencing does not end with merely perceiving the artwork, it lasts continually and multiplies in countless questions, while there is only one answer.

Vujka Radivojevic